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Monday, May 4, 2015

Parisian Style in collaboration with @JCPenney

Hi, babies! Here is my second outfit in collaboration with  @JCPenney and Chictopia via Chictopia Connect. For this post, I was inspired to create a "Parisian look." I love Paris, as many of you probably know.  Many of us dream of visiting this beautiful city. I have been there 3 times and would love to go back over and over. It's not only a romantic city.  It has a amazing architecture, history, and is on the leading edge of the fashion world. I never experienced the fashion side in a professional way, but I hope to dive right in next time. To bring out the Parisian mood in my blog, I picked a shirt from JC Penney with an Eiffel Tower print. I love this shirt because of its light material, which is perfect for the hot Virginia weather. To keep it classy and European, I thought a striped midi skirt and JC Penney's tote bag would work great together. As a girl who carries tons of stuff around, this bag is great! A heavy camera along with all of my beauty supplies and accessories fit well in there. Let me know if my styling was successful! ;)
Shirt | JC Penney    Necklace | Susanna Galanis     Skirt | Asos    Bag | JC Penney

Friday, May 1, 2015

Casual Friday in collaboration with @JCPenney

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy May 1st! It is a big day in my home country of Kazakhstan! We celebrate a Feast of Unity for the People of Kazakhstan, which is when all nationalities go out together to share their traditional food and see all traditional dance performances. At the end of the holiday, we all enjoy a marvelous fireworks display. Oh, how much I miss big celebrations like this! 

But I have another reason to celebrate! In collaboration with @JCPenny and Chictopia via Chictopia Connect, I had a chance to style JCPenny's items for my blog!

I wanted to create something more casual and comfortable, yet stylish. I paired distressed jeans with a crop top and oversized jacket. For walking shoes, I chose JCPenny's Strappy Sandals, which are incredibly comfortable for a stable heels. I love them not only for their design, but also for their nude color. These sandals always work great if you are short since they cause you to appear taller. To find these nice summer sandals, you can find by clicking this link here. For my accessories, I picked a Crystal Cluster necklace. A statement necklace can be a great final touch for any outfit. Find this necklace here.
Jacket | SEEK      Jeans | Blackfive    Necklace | JC Penney   Sandals | JC Penney

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring 2015: Japanese Blossom

Hi, sweeties! Today's post was inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossoms. I was thinking, what would my life be like if we were living in Japan?! I am not sure if i would like to live there per se, but I would definitely visit with 100% certainty. For this post, I picked to wear a pale pink knit sweater from H&M and midi skirt from Chicwish. You know that Japanese style is always unique and always presenting something unexpected. I thought that a Susanna Galanis necklace would work perfectly with this romantic floral look. What do you think?
Sweater (similar)  | here     Necklace | here      Skirt | here     Sandals (similar) | here

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring 2015: Retro Style

Hello my dearest ones.  I have been always interested in seeing old pictures of my mom and aunt because they jump back to a different time, culture, and mentality.  It's fun to see my mom wearing the hot trends of the 70s in Kazakhstan.  It moves me to be inspired  and creates my sense of modern retro style.
Instead of big dot dresses from my mom's pictures, I choose a red pleated skirt from Chicwish, paired it with my vintage striped blouse.  The best part of the look is Susanna Galanis necklaces that has a special aura about it.  I love taking pictures for my blog.  Maybe one day my children will look at them and wonder about fashion in the past, and will perhaps be inspired for their own version of retro style. 
Blouse | here    Necklaces | here   Skirt | here    Sandals | here